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I do cyber security stuff, including reverse engineering and pen testing.

Simplifying Assembly

During some reversing practice I came across a section of assembly which caught my attention because of Ghidra’s decompilaion. Ghidra has decompiled this section of assembly into a single line with multiple bitwise operations which did not appear to be a reasonably representation. I thought this might be a good opportunity to dissect some intriguing logic. This is Ghidra’s disassembly. 00402fb8 push ESI 00402fb9 call __scrt_is_ucrt_dll_in_use 00402fbe test EAX,EAX 00402fc0 jz LAB_00402fe2 00402fc2 mov EAX,FS:[0x18] 00402fc8 mov ESI,DAT_00408448 00402fcd mov EDX,[EAX + 0x4] 00402fd0 jmp LAB_00402fd6 00402fd2 cmp EDX,EAX 00402fd4 jz LAB_00402fe6 00402fd6 xor EAX,EAX 00402fd8 mov ECX,EDX 00402fda lock 00402fdb cmpxchg [ESI],ECX 00402fde test EAX,EAX 00402fe0 jnz LAB_00402fd6 00402fe2 xor al,al 00402fe4 pop ESI 00402fe5 ret 00402fe6 mov al,0x1 00402fe8 pop ESI 00402fe9 ret The code first calls a function and tests the result returned in EAX....